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Midwest Regional Champs! On to World Championships! We need to raise $5,000 for travel expenses. $517 raised so far! Help us get there!

We did it! Midwest Regional Champs! On to World Championships! Help us get there!

We are Milwaukee Riverside RoboTigers - 2830


The Milwaukee Riverside RoboTigers are taking STEM out of the classroom and onto the competitive field. We are a group of students that are representative of our urban city, active in Engineering, Design, programming and development, and compete in FIRST robotics FRC.

2019 Team members.

Team 2830
Abdullah Abdi- Senior
Team 2830
Marquel Bean - Sophomore
Team 2830
Damien Berna -Junior

Alison Blonien- Freshman

Heidy Campos-Cueto -Sophomore
Team 2830
Crosley Dalapa- Sophomore
Team 2830
Diana Flores- Junior
Team 2830
Eduardo Hernandez- Lopez -Senior
Team 2830
Jaqueline Hernandez-Lopez- Senior

Hye Sung Jung- Junior
Team 2830
Arianna Massey -Junior
Joshua Nathaniel -Senior

Iyana Nelson-Freshman
Team 2830
Nyshiir Pitts -Sophomore

Kristian Rogel-Freshman
Team 2830
Meagan Schmiechen -Junior
Team 2830
Yan Nang Soe -Senior
Team 2830
Mordechai Tinney -Junior
Team 2830
Mikalayah Tulloch -Junior

Amaris Williams- Freshman

Leonard Ballard- Freshman


Team 2830
Eric Berna -Mentor

Nicolas Dalapa -Mentor

Gage Granzow -Mentor
Team 2830
Elizabeth Juarez -Mentor
Team 2830
Erik Lee-Mentor

Chris Levas-Mentor
Team 2830
Javion Mosely-Mentor
Team 2830
Ransom Nyhart-Mentor
Team 2830
Erik Orlowski-Mentor
Team 2830
Emily Ralph-Mentor
Team 2830
Spencer Tiegs-Mentor
Team 2830
Emily Van Dunk-Mentor

2019 Drive team

Team 2830 Abdi Abdullahi- Backup driver

Team 2830Arianna Massey- Human player

Team 2830 Damien Berna- Driver

Team 2830 Makaylah Tulloch.-Operator

Team 2830 Mordechai Tinney- Drive coach

Mr. George Mosher's Legacy

Mr. George Mosher's Legacy


  • Tank Drive.
  • (6)"6in" hi-grip wheels.
  • Powerd by (4) Sim motors.
  • Goes about 12 ft per second.

Contact Us

Riverside University High School
1615 E Locust St Milwaukee, WI 53211
(414) 906-4900
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